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Visiting Fellow Profile

Namji Jung


Country of Origin: South Korea
Visiting Period: Fall 2011
Faculty Sponsor: Rose Batt

Dr. Namji Jung received her Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University. Dr. Jung has recently completed her fixed term position as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning and also has taught at both domestic and international planning schools including Florida State University and University of Sydney, Australia.

Her core research agenda focuses on sustainable community and economic development. In relation to this, Dr. Jung is currently conducting two research projects while at ILR.

One projects is a continuum of her existing research project on the human capital dimension of innovation. She focuses on the links between the role of knowledge workers in the process of innovation and the firm's employment practice, in particular the effect of the commitment-based employment practice.

Acknowledging the mutually reinforcing worker-firm relationships is also an important departure point for public policy development and governance system to link the worker welfare and business prosperity. In developing the framework, Dr. Jung states that she has greatly benefited from discussions and comments from Professor Rose Batt. For this first project, she used both quantitative and qualitative data collected from her field work in the digital content industry in Seoul, Korea.

The second project is an explorative new project on social entrepreneurs.  She is particularly interested in the potential roles social entrepreneurs can play in local and regional economic empowerment in resource- and technology-poor regions through knowledge and know-how transfer and entrepreneurship incubation. As she is in the first phase of this project, she is currently conducting interviews with social entrepreneurs and institutions with my two other colleagues, Dr. Jae-Gu Kim and Dr. Jong-Gul Kim. This project is funded by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, South Korea.

Dr. Jung's interests are comparative political economy of entrepreneurship and high-tech industry cluster formation (focused on Korean cases), determinants of innovation in ICT industry sectors, labor issues in creative occupations, and technology and urban spatial transformation.

- Namji Jung