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Michele Faioli

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Michele Faioli

Michele Faioli is an assistant professor at Law School of Tor Vergata University in Rome (Italy), where he teaches Labor Law, Industrial Relations and Social Security.

As Visiting Fellow at the ILR, his research focuses on the shareholder activism by unions (and its VEBA) in the context of 2009 UAW, Chrysler and Fiat agreement.

Before joining the Law School of Tor Vergata University in 2008, Michele Faioli was research fellow and adjunct professor at Sapienza University of Rome. He taught Labor law, European Labor Law, and International Labor Law.

Michele Faioli has written on undeclared work, social security, trade unions, international labor rights, pension funds and other topics for a variety of law reviews and journals.

His most recent book is “Indagine sulla bilateralità nel terziario” (Giappichelli, 2010), a 250-page textbook regarding functions and schemes of the paritarian institutions (i.e. in Italy - Enti Bilaterali, in France - Institution Paritaire). He has written about undeclared work (“Il lavoro prestato irregolarmente” - Giuffrè, 2008, a 300-page textbook) and labor law reforms in Europe, flexicurity and decency at work concepts (“Decency at work: della tendenza del lavoro alla dignità”, Nuova Cultura, 2009, a pamphlet on his first outcomes in these matters - a project that in 2007 he developed at the ILR).

In addition to his faculty position, Michele Faioli cooperates with the DG Employment and Social Affairs of the EU Commission, the Max - Planck Institute for Foreign and International Social Law, the European Institute of Social Security – University of Leuven, and the trESS project - University of Ghent. He is also the secretary of the Seminario Permanente Lionello R. Levi Sandri - Study and Research Laboratories on transnational law and juridical translation studies.

Michele Faioli is a 1998 graduate of Law School - Luiss Guido Carli University, a 2000 LL.M. graduate of Law School - University of Leuven, and a member of the Rome Bar. He also undertook studies abroad at the University of Tilburg (1999) and at the Law School - American University (2003).

- Michele Faioli