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Visiting Fellow Profile

Gonzalo Sanchez

Country of Origin:  Spain
Visiting Period:    June, 1st - September, 15th
Faculty Sponsor:  Prof. Patrick Wright

Professor Gonzalo Sanchez has spent the last 11 years teaching Human Resources Management (HRM) in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Cádiz University. He is also the Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs and a member of the Research Group SEJ449 “HRM and Intellectual Capital.” Sanchez is involved in various Research Projects in the field of Strategic Human Resource Management funded by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Technology.  

His time at ILR will be used to develop three different research projects related to Intellectual Capital and Strategic Human Resource Management. Sanchez's goals for these projects are to:
-  Analyze how the Human Resource Management Strategy is formulated, and how Top Management Teams’ Human Capital affect these processes
-  Analyze Human and Social Capital in Research Groups at Universities and Academic Institutions, and how different management orientations affect research productivity.
-  Explore how economic recession has affected Strategic Human Resource Management in organizations: Human Capital losses, changes in management patterns, etc.
All these research projects would be developed from a comparative point of view, comparing the European/Spanish perspective with the North-American reality.

Sanchez's other interests are human capital diversity and its effects of workforce heterogeneity and the moderating effect of Human Resource Management, cognitive processes within organizations, team-working and small-group dynamics, and human Resource and Strategic Management in Family Firms.

- Gonzalo Sanchez