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Gill Kirton

Gill%20KirtonCountry of Origin: UK
Visiting Period: March – April 2011
Faculty Sponsor: Risa Lieberwitz

Professor Gill Kirton is a widely published, leading British researcher in the field of employment relations, organizational equality, and diversity.  One strand of her research has explored unions’ gender equality strategies in the context of union decline and the revitalization project.  Her most recent project is a comparative investigation of women’s leadership in American and British unions working with colleagues at Cornell and Rutgers universities.  Professor Kirton has published numerous refereed journal articles, book chapters, and five books.  She sits on the editorial boards of two major journals in her field: Gender, Work and Organization and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.  She convenes the Gender and Industrial Relations Study Group of the International Labour and Employment Relations Association, which is a group that works to increase the visibility of women in industrial relations research.

Currently at ILR, Professor Kirton is working with Professor Lieberwitz and Dr. Sally Alvarez on a comparative research project (UK/USA) funded for two years (2008-2010) by the prestigious UK-based foundation, The Leverhulme Trust.  They are working on a book to be published by Routledge at the end of 2011 or early 2012.  The book will look at the impact of women and feminism on the union movements in both the US and UK.  As a part of the research for the book, Professor Kirton and her colleagues ran a cross-national exchange program where 10 female union leaders from the US and 10 female union leaders from the UK met to discuss their work, interests, issues they have come across, and their strategies for overcoming various obstacles in their careers.  This exchange also developed into an e-network for the women, and thus was not only academically successful, but also made a positive impact in the lives of the female participants.  Lastly, Professor Kirton is also working with her colleagues on several refereed journal articles and conference papers.

- Gill Kirton