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Visiting Fellow Profile

Eul-Teo Lee

eulteo1Country of Origin: South Korea
Visiting Period: February 2011 - February 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Dean Harry C. Katz

Eul-Teo Lee is an Assistant Professor at Kunsan National University in South Korea, he teaches human resources management, employment relations systems, and performance appraisal systems at the School of Business Administration.  Professor Lee has a Ph.D in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior in 2004 from Korea University in South Korea.

Professor Lee’s research at ILR focuses on two main projects. His first project at ILR is researching the decline in union membership and avoidance of joining labor unions in the private sector from a social psychological perspective.  He wants to find variables and test empirically to explain a decline in union membership in terms of social psychological phenomenon of employees.  His second project looks at how human resources practices, especially performance appraisal systems, can impact knowledge management (e.g. knowledge sharing among employees, creating a new knowledge, and knowledge dissemination for employees).  As a part of this project, Professor Lee will be doing a comparative study on employment relations systems between the U.S. and Asian countries.

While in Ithaca, Professor Lee hopes to enjoy an “American life” with his family and experience and learn about the cultural differences between South Korea and the many countries and cultures represented by students and faculty at ILR and Cornell.
Recent Publications:
Eul-Teo Lee (2010), “Relationship between Economic Politics and Employment Relations Systems in Korea,” The Review of Business History, 25(4): 207-242.
Eul-Teo Lee (2009), “Organizational Socialization of Newcomers: Symbolic Interaction Perspective,” International Business Education Review, 6(4): 313-334.

- Eul-Teo Lee