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Erik de GierErik de Gier

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Visiting Period: September 2010
Faculty Sponsor:  Prof. Sarosh Kuruvilla
Email: Erik de Gier <> 

Background & Previous Experience:

Professor Erik de Gier is a Labor Sociologist by training. He has experience as an applied and scientific researcher in various research institutes and universities in the Netherlands. He has  also served in the capacity of a policy advisor to the Dutch government. Professor De Gier is an expert in the field of social security, work and work organization, labor market, industrial relations and HRM, and the welfare state.

Currently, he is a professor of Comparative Labor Market Policies at Radboud University, Nijmegen (Nijmegen School of Management). Previously, he worked as a professor of Social Policy at the
University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (ASR).

Professor Erik de Gier  has published many articles and various books on the Dutch welfare state, Dutch labor law, social security and pensions, working conditions, the implementation of EC-Directives on health and safety into national law in various EU-countries, work organization, labor and industrial relations, and European and Dutch labor market policies.

Currently he is researching the transitional labor market policies in Europe, the future of work and the labor market in the Dutch Health care sector, labor market institutions, labor market participation of low skilled workers, lifelong learning programs at European universities, American labor and industrial relations.

Current Research at ILR:

While at ILR, Professor De Gier is doing an explorative study on the American labor-management model of 1935-1980, in context of the relationship between UAW and GM . Building on an earlier study, “Paradise Lost Revisited: GM & the UAW in Historical Perspective”, Professor De Gier realized the significance of the American government in influencing labor management strategies. As a result, he will analyze more specifically, the extent to which the state in this period has been influential in shaping the resulting management labor model and as a corollary has also given direction to the attitude of both the UAW and the management of GM. The two areas of focus for the research include;

1. The development and significance of liberalism for the American labor management model between 1935-1980 and the role the UAW took in this broader context

2. The development of GM’s labor policy related to the policy of the UAW and the institutionalized employment relations in the US


Alongside research, Professor De Gier is interested in reading, jogging, travelling and foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian)