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Caroline Tillou

CarolineTCountry of Origin: France
Visiting Period: February – July 2011
Faculty Sponsor: Patrick Wright

Caroline Tillou has just finished defending her dissertation in HR management, with a focus on employee turnover, this past December at the University of Social Sciences of Toulouse- France. Caroline oriented her research towards French Management Consulting sector while she was involved in an European project coordinated by Toulouse Business School dedicated to build up training products adapted to older workers’ competencies and to Management Consulting industry’s needs.  She also was a Research Assistant at Toulouse Business School (TBS) over the last 2 years.  Working in research activities of TBS “Consulting Chair”, Caroline also taught classes on HR management, diversity and project management, research methods, psycho-sociology, and corporate social responsibility. 

While at ILR, Caroline’s research will be focused on voluntary turnover in knowledge workers in French management consulting firms.  More specifically, she will be looking at the effects of HR practices, employee relationships, and how these factors that impact turnover.  Her attention will revolve around on the influence of the relationships consultants establish with their organization, mentor, team and clients.  In the future, Caroline also hopes to shift her research in voluntary turnover analysis to other countries and eventually do comparative analysis between countries and regions. 

Conference papers:
TILLOU, Caroline and EL AKREMI, Assâad (2010) "Retaining talented consultants: an exploration of the HR business partner contribution", presented at AOM conference, Montreal,   6 - 10 August.

TILLOU, Caroline (2009) "Knowledge workers et turnover: analyse de l'impact des pratiques de GRH sur la performance individuelle. Application au secteur Conseil en Management en France", presented at “Conférence CICOM”, Agadir, 19 - 20 February.

TILLOU, Caroline and LIARTE, Sébastien (2008) "Accumulation or Diversity Bridging individual experience factors and performance", presented at “9th International Conference on HRD across Europe”, Lille, 21 - 23 May.

TILLOU, Caroline (2007) "Consult in Europe project: competences analysis and conception of training programme for future seniors" integration in consulting market, presented at "8th International Conference in HRD Research and Practice", Oxford, 27 - 29 June.

- Caroline Tillou