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Anthony M Gould

Anthony M GouldCountry of Origin: Australia & Canada
Visiting Period: June-November 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Alexander J. Colvin, Ph.D. 
E-Mail: amg447

Background & Previous Experience:

Dr Anthony M Gould is a tenured professeur agrégé of labor relations at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada. Anthony is also a visiting professor at Griffith University, Australia. He has authored articles about management, employment relations and labor market economics which are published in leading peer-reviewed journals in North America and Europe. For example, since 2010 he has been the sole author of articles published in Work, Employment and Society, the Journal of Labour History, Relations Industrielles, Just Labour and the Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources. Over the same timeframe he has jointly authored articles which have appeared in first-rate peer-reviewed journals and written chapters for books that have been commercially successful in Europe and North America.

Anthony M Gould has held key management appointments in Australia and Europe. In 2006 he was an executive with ACAS (Arbitration, Conciliation and Advisory Service), the United Kingdom’s flagship employment relations agency. During the 1990s he was a senior manager in the Queensland (Australia) state public service. In each of his executive roles, Dr Gould has had substantial human resource management, planning and budget delegations and achieved challenging goals in relation to employment relations, governance and commercial development.

While at ILR, Anthony M Gould will pursue professional interests in contemporary right-wing perspectives of work and employment with particular reference to the American Tea Party’s narrative, comparative employment relations in the Asia-Pacific region, young and vulnerable workers in Western Market Economies with particular reference to fast food industry employees, globalization, and varieties of capitalism.

- Anthony M Gould