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Alan Dye

Country of Origin: United States
Visiting Period: July - August 2011
Faculty Sponsor: Kevin Hallock


Alan DyeAlan Dye is Professor of Economics at Barnard College and an affiliate member of Department of History and Institute of Latin American Studies at Columbia University. He has held visiting positions at Yale University, the University of Michigan, and the Universidad de Carlos III de Madrid. He is co-editor of the Revista de Historia Económica: A Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History. He specializes in economic history and institutions with emphasis on Latin America. Author of Cuban Sugar in the Age of Mass Production: Technology and the Economics of the Sugar Central, 1899-1929 (Stanford University Press), Latin America, his current research focuses on the political economy of the institutions of trade protection and imperialism, with a current project on the relationship between prerevolutionary Cuba and the United States.

- Alan Dye