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The Transatlantic Social Dialogue meetings have raised the profile of all four sponsoring organizations in labor and academic circles on both sides of the Atlantic.  This is especially true for the visibility and impact of the ILR's international work, in both Europe and the U.S.  

For union and academic participants from the U.S., the meetings have offered new contacts and exposure to European unions and research institutes.  Bruce Raynor, national president of Unite Here and ILR '72, for example, attended the Brussels meeting in 2004 (his first trip to Europe).   His union's international director, Ginny Coughlin, has played an active role in the meetings, as has Bill Patterson, the leading capital assets expert for the AFL-CIO and now CTW.  Additional speakers have come from the AFL-CIO, Denver Area Labor Federation, SEIU and ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

The meetings have enhanced our already strong reputation among European researchers interested in labor issues.  In addition to sustained relationships with the sponsoring organizations, our participation has brought us into close contact with leaders of the German Metalworkers Union and ver.di (each of which has about 2.3 million members and plays a prominent role in the broader European labor movement); European and global works councils at DaimlerChrysler (and now Daimler) and G.M.- Europe: the European Trade Union Confederation; the London Union Research Network; the British GMB and TGWU (two of the largest unions in the U.K.); the Austrian Chamber of Labor; and OrKa (Organisierung und Kampagnen), a German labor consulting firm.
TSD relationships have contributed importantly to numerous publications, including an ILR Press book on Labor in the New Urban Battlegrounds: Local Solidarity in a Global Economy (Lowell Turner and Dan Cornfield, eds., 2007)  The book has chapters by eight ILR faculty and graduate students, who in each case drew upon research or contacts developed in conjunction with TSD meetings, as well as three chapters by British and German academics who developed relationships with other participating authors at our meetings.

In addition, ILR scholars Ian Greer, Nathan Lillie, Marco Hauptmeier and Lowell Turner have each published articles in high-profile German and U.S. journals, in each case drawing extensively on contacts and research done in connection with TSD meetings.  With an invitation from TSD colleagues on the planning committee, Lowell Turner was invited give a plenary address at the European Congress of the International Industrial Relations Association in Manchester in September, 2007; Lee Adler and Lowell Turner attended the National Congress of the German Metalworkers Union as special international guests in November, 2007; and Lee Adler attended and gave a presentation at a meeting of the Austrian Chamber of Labor in April, 2008. 

On May 29, 2008, Congressman Danny Davis attended and gave a presentation at the opening session of the meeting of the Transatlantic Social Dialogue in Berlin.  These are examples of the multiple ways in which ILR's international reputation has been enhanced through the ongoing meetings and relationships developed through the Transatlantic Social Dialogue.