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Each conference has included the participation of both junior scholars and advanced graduate students from Germany, Britain and the United States.  Eight ILR graduate students, for example, have given presentations of substance.  Preparation periods have extended over several months.  In every case the learning experience has been significant, and in some cases the preparation and presentation has facilitated dissertation research and the publication of journal articles.

At three of the conferences, undergraduate students have also attended.  At the first meeting in Ithaca, several ILR undergraduates gave presentations of substance.  At the 2004 meeting in Brussels, two undergraduate students gave presentations based on research they had conducted in preparation for the meeting.  At the 2006 meeting in Ithaca, four ILR undergraduate students gave brief summaries of the work they were doing in USAS (United Students Against Sweatshops) and COLA (Cornell Organization for Labor Action).  At the 2007 meeting in Brussels, two ILR graduate students gave presentations based on dissertation research.

Contacts made at the TSD meetings have contributed to the development of several international labor internships for ILR students.  Each meeting has furthered useful contacts in this regard, in a process we expect will continue in the future.

Finally, contacts made at the Transatlantic Social Dialogue meetings have brought a regular stream of visiting students, fellows and professors to the ILR School.  Several European trade unionists have visited us for research purposes, in both Ithaca and New York City, and several of these have given guest lectures in our classes.  One TSD colleague, Professor Otto Jaccobi, is teaching a semester-long course on the European Union and its Social Dimension, a popular class that has attracted 40 students and added to the richness of our international course offerings.