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Spring 2006 International Experience Grant Recipients

ILR International Programs is pleased to announce recipients of our Spring 2006 International Experience Grants. Congratulations! We look forward to sharing the students' reports and photos describing their international projects when they return next Fall.

Lena Hipp, PhDLena Hipp, a first-year Ph.D. student, is conducting a comparative study of reintegration strategies for laid off workers as implemented by different countries across the European Union. Partnering with the OECD and the Institute for Employment Research she will explore strategies adopted by countries in the EU. Her final report will compare the outcomes of each country's strategy against the benchmarks set by the EU. (view Lena's proposal) Read Experience Report

Carrie George, MILR '06Carrie George, MILR 07, travels to Yemen to further her research on approaches on how the Arab World can develop through its own design. Carrie will be working with a Cornell Alumni in the practice areas of Gender & Entrepreneurship Markets and will also consult with several government and not-for-profit organizations in Yemen. She has also been assigned on a project with a large private GSM telcom major in the country. (view Carrie's proposal)

Sunghoon Kim, PhDSunghoon Kim, a PhD student, is examining the process of developing an HR strategy at the business unit or subsidiary level versus that followed by the parent company. While his research will be conducted on subsidiaries based in China  Sunghoon's comparative analysis will look at the process of development of HR strategy at the parent companies - LG and Samsung that are headquartered in Asia rather than the US. (view Sunghoon's proposal) Read Experience Report

Natalia Avalos, BS ILR '08Natalia Avalos, BS ILR '08 will be undertaking an internship in the areas of International Business Development or International Marketing in Valparaiso, Chile. Some of her responsibilities in these roles would include projects such as crafting/conceptualizing International Business strategies and researching innovative ways to bring to market new products in the region. (view Natalia's proposal) Read Experience Report

Whitney TaylorWhitney Taylor has been working with the ILO's WIND (Work Improvement through Neighborhood Development) program during her credit internship. During the summer Whitney is aiming to develop a generic version of the WIND Manual that she believes will allow faster implementation of the program across the globe. Whitney will be traveling to Kyrgyzstan as part of her research in developing content for this generic manual. (view Whitney's proposal)  Read Experience Report

Ashleigh Provenzano, BS ILR '07Ashleigh Provenzano, BS ILR ' 06 will be conducting research for her honors thesis in Spain during the winter break. The research focuses on the controversy over immigration into Spain over the past five. 
                       (view Ashleigh's Proposal)

Helen Yang, BS ILR '07Helen Yang, BS ILR '07, will spend the spring semester in Beijing working with the ILO's International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC).
(view Helen's Proposal)

Michelle MalejkiMichele Malejki, BS ILR '06
Studying "Women in the Workplace" during her internship to Tanzania in January 2006, Michele is preparing for her journey by learning the country's official language, Swahili. Read Experience Report.

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