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May 5 2013

ESCP Students Visit ILR

During the week of April 1st – 5th, twenty ESCP Europe students visited Cornell University to attend an international seminar held at the ILR School. At ILR, students had the opportunity to participate in specialized lectures from Professors Sarosh Kuruvilla, Bradford Bell, John Hausknecht and Risa Lieberwitz on a variety of HR and labor related topics.

The twenty students who visited are currently completing advanced Master’s degrees in Human Resource Management at ESCP Europe, which is a 16 month intensive program including 6 months of classes, an internship of 4 to 6 months and a master thesis. Professor John Hausknecht taught the visiting class Strategic HR Metrics, he commented that “I asked the class at the beginning of the lecture if any of them had worked with analytics and metrics in the past. Although many of them hadn’t, students know the business environment is changing. We also did a case together and it provided a clearer picture of how analytics and metrics can be used in an HR environment”.

ESCP student Déborah Penaud describes her time at Cornell as a unique experience that gave her an opportunity to think about how to use HR data and analytics to be more strategic and how to make teams work more effectively together. Laure Bassouls, also shared that her time at Cornell provided her with an “opportunity for cultural exchange and professional richness. Meetings with teachers and students allowed us to share our knowledge and expand our professional network.”

The partnership between Cornell and ESCP Europe has provided unique opportunities for global exchange for a number of years. According to Professor Emmanuelle Léon of ESCP Europe, the international seminar has contributed in “developing young professionals who will be able to work in multicultural environments, and adapt to new countries and new cultures.”
ESCP Students