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Summer 2008 Grant Recipients

Eddie Rooker & Rachel Einstein

Eddie Rooker
Rachel Einstein

ILR juniors Rachel Einstein and Edward Rooker spent Summer 2008 in South Africa as part of a project developed by ILR's Employment and Disability Insitute (EDI). EDI was awarded a grant from ILR International Programs, which funded the students' travel. Rachel and Eddie interned with two NGOs in South Africa whose work focuses on assisting persons with disabilities as they prepare to re-enter the workforce, the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) and National Council for People with Physical Disabilities of South Africa (NCPPDSA). The main initiatives they completed were:

  • Participating in planning meetings with the Children's Committee
  • Touring training centers 
  • Creating fundraising projects to benefit QASA self help centers 
  • Compiling databases of people with physical disabilities to further the NCPPDSA's training and placement initiatives. 
  • Observing the computer training at the KZN Digital Village made a report of our suggestions on how to adjust the program.  We created a presentation to present to the students at the computer training to prepare them for the job interview process. We presented that to the students on that Friday. 
  • Create a template for the computer training students to create their CVs and resumes
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