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Winter 2009 Grant Recipients

Scott Budow

Scott BudowScott Budow explores "The Future of the British Labor Party" in England.


Sarah Edelson and Thomas van Harren

BicyclesExperience the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 

Cassady Fendlay

Casady FendlayCassady Fendlay experiences life, history and culture in Chiapas, Mexico

Kristina Francillon

Kristina FrancillonKristina Francillon spent winter break learning about labor unions in Haiti.

Froilan Malit

Froilan MalitFroilan Malit interviews nurses in the Philippines.

Michele Malski

Michele Malaski

Michele Malski traveled to Berlin, Germany to intern at Bombardier.

Jessica Maiorca

Jessica MaiorcaJessica Maiorca revisits Liberia to help establish policies and institutions that will aid workforce development.