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Spring 2005 Grant Recipients

Dana Ford

Dana FordWhile spending the summer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dana is researching labor's response to the collapse of the Agentine economy for her senior honors thesis. She is interning with a recovered factory as part of the Argentine Autonomista Program (AAP).

Ian Greer

Ian GreerDuring his trip to Germany this summer, Ian is finalizing his dissertation research on union strategies by conducting personal interviews and exploring libraries and archives.

Marco Hauptmeier

Marco HauptmeierTraveling to Spain in Fall 2005, Marco will be researching the Spanish Automobile Industry to support his dissertation project "Plant and Company Bargaining in the U.S., German and Spanish Automobile Industries."

Mingwei Liu

Mingwei LiuInvestigating how the Chinese trade union movement is changing, Mingwei is visiting four cities in China to do field research as part of his dissertation "Chinese Trade Unions in Transitions: Changing Roles, Challenges and Opportunities."

Jarrett Stoltzfus

Jarrett StoltzfusGaining fluency in Spanish is only one goal for Jarrett during his internship to Ocatal, Nicaragua. He plans to learn more about labor and immigration issues from a developing country during his internship with a non-governmental organization (NGO).