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Yongjin Nho, South Korea

Yongjin NhoYongjin Nho is an associate professor at the department of Business Administration, Seoul National University of Technology. He has a PhD in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the IR Center, Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

Yongjin’s research interests include employee participation and firm performance, organizations and workplace learning, employee stock ownership plans and profit/gain sharing, labor-management partnership and non-union employee representation. Yongjin has a number of publications and has authored books on labor relations and human resource management. He is also a recipient of the Research Excellence Award 2007 (The Korean Journal of Industrial Relations) and the Teaching Excellence Award 2007(Seoul National University of Technology)

During his stay at the ILR School, Yongjin will conduct research on labor-management partnership, work organization and employee involvement and workplace learning with a focus on informal learning.

Curriculum vitae (pdf)
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Visiting Period: 8/15/09 – 8/14/10
Faculty Sponsor: Sarosh Kuruvilla

- Yongjin Nho, South Korea

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