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Joohee Lee

Joohee LeeJoohee Lee is Associate Professor of Sociology at Ewha W. University in Korea. Before joining the faculty at Ewha Sociology Department, she was research fellow at the Korea Labor Institute (KLI). She received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her major research interests are changing industrial relations in a global economy, industrial democracy at the workplace, strategies for political labor movements, and social policy. 

A more recent area of interest concerns the forces that shape the changing structures of collective bargaining in Korean industrial sectors, and globalization and the employment relations in the banking sector. Her books include The New Structure of Labor Relations: Tripartism and Decentralization (2004, Cornell Uni. Press, with Harry C. Katz and Wonduck Lee), and The Korean Trade Union Movements in the 21st Century (2002, Hanul Press; in Korean), which received 2003 Book of Excellence Award from the National Academy of Sciences, Korea. 

She also published many articles both in English and Korean. During her stay at ILR, she will research nonstandard employment and employment relations in the retail sectors.

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