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Jangsoo Ryu

Jangsoo RyuJangsoo Ryu is Professor of Division of Economics at Pukyong National University in Busan, Korea. He has served as Senior Policy Advisor to Deputy Prime Minister at the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development of Republic of Korea since February 2007. He also served as an Expert Advisor of Presidential Commission on Education & Human Resources Development, Korea, 2001-2002. He earned Ph.D. in Economics from Seoul National University (1993). He majored in labour economics and has a particular interest in human resource development of the national and regional level. He was the Regional Coordinator of Busan Metropolitan region in the OECD project "Supporting the Contribution of Higher Education Institution to Regional Development."

Dr. Ryu is currently interested in regional human resource development policies. He represented his paper "Governance System of Regional Employment and Human Resources Development in Korea" (OECD & Korea Labor Institute, 2005). In this paper, he concluded that installing the right governance will greatly enhance the possibility of successfully accomplishing the dual goals of increasing employment and promoting HR development in the region.

He has plans for studying the national and regional human resource development policies by country under basis of these serial papers. During his stay at ILR, he will study the difference of human resource development system by country and expects to meet people in his research areas.

Faculty Sponsor: Prof Lisa Nishii
Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
Dates of visit: July 1, 2008–July 31, 2009

- Jangsoo Ryu

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