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Jamie Cross, United Kingdom

Jamie CrossJamie Cross is an anthropologist who works on processes of industrialization and social transformation in South Asia. He is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Sussex, UK and a Visiting Lecturer at ILR.

His research interests span the disciplines of anthropology, development, industrial sociology, and labour studies. His current research project explores the social politics of flexible production and labour organization inside India's special economic zones.
During the fall semester '08 he will teach a course on Work, Labour and Management in Contemporary India.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
Faculty Sponsor: Professor Sarosh Kuruvilla
Period of Visit: Fall Semester '08-'09 

ILRIC 4300: Labour, Work and Management in Contemporary India (1ST 7 WKS) 2.0
(Maximum 30 students; preference for seniors, then juniors)

Designed as an introduction to labour and industrial relations in
contemporary India. The course aims to offer students an understanding of changing employment practices in India today and the socio-political context in which they take place. Over seven weeks students will address the implications of liberalisation and
labour reforms for collective bargaining mechanisms and workplace relations. 

Focus will be on the period since 1989 to explore India's liberalisation and increased integration into the global economy. Students will look beyond the high profile IT sector to explore case studies across different sectors (from garments and textiles to polished gemstones, microelectronics and automobiles). Addresses differences and variations in labour relations across the formal and informal economy, and will provide students with the critical tools and bibliographic resources to understand the social and cultural politics of labour relations in India today. Course reading will extend beyond the literature on industrial relations, to cover history, politics and industrial sociology. Assessment will be via a paper submitted at the end of week seven.

- Jamie Cross, United Kingdom

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