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Tuncay Guloglu, Turkey

Country of Origin: Turkey
Visiting Period: July 2012-July 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Nick Salvatore

\\ilrTuncay Guloglu is an Associate Professor of Social Policy in the Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations in the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Yalova University, Turkey. Guloglu received his Ph.D., MA and BA degrees in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations from Istanbul University in Turkey. He was previously Assistant Professor at Kocaeli University and Research Assistant at Sakarya University, Turkey. He has previously held visiting positions at Cornell University ILR School and Kaunas University of Technology Panevezys Institute Faculty of Management and Administration.

Professor Guloglu teaches courses in the areas of social policy, labor relations including international and comparative social policy and welfare states. His research interests are in contemporary social policy problems, social policy practices, comparative social policy, labor relations practices and labor market issues. He has written a number of articles, reports, conference papers, book chapters and research papers on social policy and labor relations. He conducted some projects on labor market, labor ethics and migration. He is also official mediator in the employee-employment conflicts.

Professor Guloglu’s research at ILR School focuses on two main projects. His first project at ILR School is researching changes and challenges in labor and industrial relations education. As a part of this project, Professor Guloglu will be doing a comparative study on labor and industrial relations education systems between the U.S. and Turkey. His second project focuses on the brain drain of Turkish professionals from Turkey to the US in terms of their situation and return intentions. The project is based on internet survey and interview.

Recent Publications

Ates, H., Es. M., Guloglu, T. 2012. “The Reasons for Unethical Behavior in
The Turkish Custom Services from Employees’ and Citizens’ Points of View,” Turkish Studies, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 67-84.

Guloglu, T., Aydin, K., Guloglu, F., K. 2012. “Relative Poverty in Turkey between 1994 and 2006,” Economics and Management, 17 (1).
Guloglu, T., Aydin, K., “The Socio-Economic Analysis of Relative Poverty in Turkey,” Changes of in Social and Business Environment-Proceedings of the 4thInternational Conference, Panevezys, pp. 70-74, November-2011.
Guloglu, T., Lee, E., “Prejudice against the Labor Union and Union Membership” Proceedings of 8th Knowledge Economy and Management Congress, Istanbul/Turkey, October-2010

Ates, H., Guloglu, T., Es, M., 2009. “Ethics and Custom Services,” Academic Research on Public Ethics, Ed. Gaye Keylan, Ankara: Council of Europe.


- Tuncay Guloglu

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