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Tove Hammer, Professor of Organizational Behavior

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Professor Tove Hammer to get a further understanding of how she became involved with research, teaching and consulting outside the US, particularly in her home country of Norway.

Professor Tove HammerProfessor Tove Hammer, Faculty member of the ILR School’s Organizational Behavior Department since 1973 has been involved in many capacities at the ILR School, Cornell, and the local community. Her work has not ended there however; Professor Hammer has had a lifelong relationship both professionally and personally with Norway. Previous to being an undergraduate at Cornell, a graduate student at the University Maryland and a Faculty member at Cornell, Professor Hammer had spent the majority of her life in her home country of Norway. In the mid-eighties, she was also a Visiting Professor at the Department of Social and Economic Studies at Imperial College, University of London.

Over the years, her interests in Norway have broadened to include professional connections as a professor, consultant and researcher. She continues to deepen her connection with Norway today in more formal roles as a Consultant to the Nordland Research Institute in Bodoe, Norway and as a Professor II at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway where she lectures graduate level students on Cornell breaks. These roles have stemmed from a longstanding relationship with the country and numerous collaborations with colleagues on studies conducted in Norway.

In the early 1990’s Professor Hammer became involved as a researcher at, and consultant to, the Institute for Social Research in Industry (IFIM) and more recently the Institute for New Practice at NTNU. Her consultancy at these applied contract research institutes has focused on the design of evaluations studies and data analysis.

In 2000 Professor Hammer and her colleagues at NTNU began a series of large scale evaluation studies on the health effects of the work environment in Norway, funded by the Norwegian Directorate of Labour Inspection. The data from the last set of these studies are currently being analyzed. Professor Hammer has also had the opportunity to serve on outside committees to evaluate candidates for professorships at Norwegian universities, and she has served as advisor to Norwegian Ph.D. candidates.

Over the years Professor Hammer has seen the ILR School expand to include more international components in Faculty research, course components, and student population, particularly PhD students. Her early research in the ILR School included a number of studies of different forms of worker participation, in particular, employee stock ownership and employee representation on corporate boards of director. Later research, conducted primarily with her graduate students, focused on leadership.

At Cornell, she teaches undergraduates and graduate students in areas of organizational behavior and manufacturing management and conducts research in organizational behavior and employment relations. Her research topics include leadership and managerial behavior, organizational effectiveness, organizational change, employee ownership and worker participation, the role of unions in organizational behavior, and the effects of the work environment on employee health. She is also the editor of the Industrial and Labor Relations Review.

As a student of Professor Hammer myself, in her Masters level Organizational Behavior course, the use of international examples in lectures and throughout the course have added another International dimension to learning at the ILR School.

- Dina Gabriel

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