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Soo Ryun Cha, South Korea

Soo Ryun ChaSoo Ryun Cha has been serving trade unions as a leader and senior advisor for two decades, since 1987. She was elected as president of KHMU (Korean Health and Medical Workers' Union) in 2000 and vice-present in 1999. She also served as vice-present of KCTU (Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, a national center), and co-president of East Asia Sub-regional Advisory Committee of PSI (Public Service International), and member of the PSI World Women's Committee. She received several awards including Jeon Tai-il Labor Award, one of the most respected awards in Korea. 

Her major research interests are the structure of industrial unions and collective bargaining, the way of dispute resolution, and union's participation in management and job training programs. She is also interested in several social issues such as the responses by U.S. industrial unions to privatization in the health and medical sector, and their efforts to enhance the public nature of health and medical services.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
Faculty Sponsor: Risa Lieberwitz
Visiting Fellow Appointment: Sept 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009

- Soo Ryun Cha, South Korea

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