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Sharon Kim

ILR International Experience Grant takes Ph.D. candidate to Paris, France

Sharon KimWith the financial support of ILR International Programs, I had the opportunity to spend part of the summer at ESCP-EAP Paris. During my time at ESCP-EAP, I participated in a research study about entrepreneurship in France. In collaboration with Jacqueline Fendt, Professor of Entrepreneurship at ESCP-EAP, I was able to organize a research plan for a forthcoming study on multicultural identity as a potential determinant of French entrepreneurship.

Though I had a firm idea of the topic I wished to study, my time in Paris truly enriched my understanding of French cultural dynamics. Examination of contemporary issues such as immigration policies and participation in international business markets from a French perspective was a critical component of this research. Studying these issues in France provided a rich academic experience and confirmed for me the high value of international studies and research for ILR students.      
Needless to say, conducting research in Paris also comes with a significant fringe benefit. After completing my work for the day, I took advantage of being in one of the most culturally-rich cities of the world. At sites such as the Centre Pompidou and the Jardin du Luxembourg, I definitely made the most of time as a student and as a guest of Paris.

Special thanks to ILR International Programs and ESCP-EAP for creating the opportunity for this international exchange and to the many individuals at both schools who helped make my experience such a great one.

- Sharon Kim

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