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Patrick M. Wright, Professor, Human Resource Studies

Professor Patrick WrightI recently sat down with Professor Patrick Wright of the ILR Human Resource Studies Department, he is also the Director of the ILR School’s Cornell Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS). Through his research, teaching, consulting and public service activities, Professor Wright has traveled much of the world speaking about Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). We spoke about some of the international experiences and connections he has fostered throughout his career.

Prior to joining Cornell, he held positions as Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Master of Science in Human Resource Management program in the College of Business at Texas A&M University and Assistant Professor of Management in the College of Business at University of Notre Dame. While at Texas A&M he spent time in Jakarta, Indonesia teaching University of Indonesia faculty members about SHRM and how to design and deliver a Human Resource Management class. His global involvement expanded at Cornell, particularly in his role as Acting Director and present Director of CAHRS. In the mid 90’s CAHRS launched their Asian Executive Programs, offering a series of one-week programs for mid-level HR professionals in Japan, Thailand, and Singapore. Today CAHRS has numerous International Initiatives and has expanded its membership to double the number of Internationally-headquarted company sponsors. Global alliances are essential to expanding HR knowledge worldwide. CAHRS fosters these alliances in part through sponsor meetings in places like Mexico, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Germany, the People’s Republic of China and the Czech Republic.

Rather than simply exporting US approaches to SHRM, CAHRS provides the platform for the two-way exchange of knowledge and approaches to managing people in organizations between Cornell’s ILR School and Human Resource professionals worldwide. Professor Wright is working with CAHRS to develop many innovative ideas that help bridge the geographical constraints of working with HR professionals around the world. One program going online in April, 2007 is the CAHRS HR Leadership Podcast series, consisting of interviews with global Chief HR Officers and Chief Executive Officers which can be accessed at any time around the world by any individual within CAHRS sponsor companies.

Professor Wright has collaborated on a number of research projects with faculty and graduate students from countries such as China, Taiwan, the UK, Singapore, and New Zealand. One of his main collaborators, Jaap Pauwe, past ILR School Visiting Fellow and Faculty member at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands, joined Cornell Master’s students and his own Tilburg graduate students for a field trip in Spring 2006, part of John Haggerty’s Human Resources Management Field Study course in Europe . Professor Wright was recently named Senior Research Fellow at the University of Tilburg. The differing worldviews of HR issues create a very interesting dynamic in the field of SHRM.

Contributed by Dina Gabriel, MILR '07.

- Dina Gabriel

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