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Panu Kalmi


Panu KalmiPanu Kalmi is a research fellow in the economics department of Helsinki School of Economics, Finland. He earned his Ph.D. at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, in 2002. His long-standing research interests include financial participation, employee involvement and co-operatives. Panu's previous research has focused on employee ownership in transition economies, stock options, and financial participation in European Union. His current main research projects include econometric case studies on the impact of various compensation and involvement schemes and firms and employees. In this joint project with Derek Jones and Antti Kauhanen, the idea is to collect and analyze were detailed data collected directly from companies and supplemented with interviews. Another current research project studies the entry processes of new Finnish co-operatives. Other research in early stage (mostly in collaboration with others) includes studies on the relationship between unions and financial participation, the incidence and effects of workplace innovations in Finnish firms (with firm-level survey data), the effects of pay knowledge on pay functionality, and the role of co-operative vs. NGO microfinance providers in Bangladesh.

Panu's visit at the ILR School runs August 31 to December 16, 2006. He adds that he is "excited about being part of the Cornell community." His faculty sponsor at ILR is Professor Kevin Hallock. He can be best reached by e-mail.

Curriculum Vitae
Faculty Sponsor: Kevin Hallock

- Panu Kalmi, Finland

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