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Monica Rolfsen


Monica RolfsenMonica Rolfsen is an Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management and a senior researcher at SINTEF Technology and Society, department of New Praxis in Trondheim, Norway. She holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Theory and will spend her sabbatical at ILR from July 2006 to June 2007. Her faculty sponsor is Professor Tove Hammer.

"My field of research is action research, organizational development/change processes and business fads/management fashion.

I will be working with the following publishing plans during my stay:

  1. The researcher's role in action research projects. The paper describes and discusses a method were researchers work as ordinary employees for a certain time during an action research project.
  2. Implementing "management fashions" in a Norwegian automotive supplier. The paper deals with an action research projects were I together with a colleague worked with introducing work teams in the supplier as a part of it's "Lean Production" implementation. The company is a supplier to GM's Epsilon platform.
  3. Union based organizational development in a small Norwegian tool factory. This writing project is in its beginning. The tool factory eliminated their foreman-level years ago, and implemented autonomous groups three years ago, initiated by their very strong and influential union. Our project is to develop their commutative abilities through an AR project.

I am staying in downtown Ithaca and plan to be on campus twice a week. I am eager to meet people at ILR working in the same field as me!

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- Monica Rolfsen

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