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Michele Faioli


Michele FaioliniMichele Faioli is an adjunct professor of labour law at the Faculty of Humanistic Science of La Sapienza University in Rome.  

His main topics concern: (i) the notion of “decent work”; (ii) the legal measures surfacing the undeclared work in Italy and EU Member States; and (iii) the developments of the welfare state models under the perspective of Italian and EU Social Security law.

With regard to the notion of decent work, his research is aimed at exploring the effectiveness of labor law to fulfill its function of protection of workers’ equality, freedom, individual security and collective rights - which should represent the core framework of the decent work notion - with reference to the challenges arising from the so called “modernization” of labor and social security law.

Michele carries out his research at the Labour and Social Security law department of the Faculty of Economics of La Sapienza University, under the supervision of Prof. Pasquale Sandulli and Prof. Angelo Pandolfo. He is a member of the European Institute of Social Security – Italian section. He is part of the “trESS project” for the Italian level. The trESS network organises seminars on European Co-ordination of Social Security Schemes. He prepared, as part of a team, the Italian report concerning the European Social Security co-ordination for the DG Employment and Social Affairs of the EU Commission in collaboration with the Max-Planck- Institute for Foreign and International Social Law.

Michele also teaches in training seminars/programs structured by various public and private institutions. He is also a lawyer. His core areas of practice are Labour Law, Social Security and Labour Litigation.

Faculty sponsor: Professor Lance Compa
Period of visit: Sept 1 -Nov 30, 2007

- Michele Faioli

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