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Matthew Schneid, BS ILR '05

Credit Intern, International Labor Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

Matthew Schneid

I spent the Spring 2004 semester pursuing an internship through ILR's credit internship program. It took me across the ocean to Switzerland, where I worked at the UN's International Labor Organization (ILO). I worked directly with several economists from across the globe analyzing labor market policies in Latin America, as well as interacted with governments and other researchers from around the world.

It shortly became the norm to sit at a table with five different individuals, representing five separate nations, with five separate cultures, heritages and ideologies. These social and intellectual interactions furthered my development in ways that were not possible at Cornell. My knowledge from ILR, however, enabled me to fully absorb what my stimulating surroundings offered. The international experience rounded out my education and created fond memories.

Working in a research division at the ILO has opened my eyes to the merit of research and how helpful it will be to my future. It has propelled my desire for knowledge and for confronting the world's challenges through academic pursuits. I look ahead to future endeavors and greet them with enthusiasm largely attributed to my time abroad, which fostered increased self-confidence and awareness.

- Matthew Schneid

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