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Markio Nohata, Japan

Markio Nohata, Visiting Fellow from JapanMariko Nohata is a professor of Sociology in Tsuru University, Japan. Her research and teaching interests include Industrial Sociology, Business Management, Labor, and Gender.  As a part of her research, she has examined the features of sexual discrimination in the workplace, and the factors that promoted or obstructed female employees’ career development in Japanese corporations, since World War II. She has also examined sexual discrimination under the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, and the problems faced by female workers in the changing business climate of Japan. Her recent work includes historical and synthetic studies of Corporate Governance (CG), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Diversity, and Work Life Balance (WLB) in Japan and the US. 

Mariko has been at Cornell University since October 2009 and has been researching gender diversity in corporate America. She wrote a paper titled “Managing Diversity in perspective of CSR” (in Japanese). The paper focuses on the importance of changing organizations, win-win relationships, total leadership, work-life integration, small-win strategy, and executive leadership, diversity programs including affirmative action plans, teams and trainings. Currently, she is researching Diversity and Inclusion, and is looking at the history and advancement factors of Diversity & Inclusion at Cornell University.

Curriculum vitae (pdf)
Faculty Sponsor: Pamela S. Tolbert
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Visiting Period: October 1, 2009-March 31, 2010

- Markio Nohata, Japan

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