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Mark Stuart

United Kingdom

Mark StuartMark Stuart is Professor of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations at Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds. He was, up to September 2006, Head of the Work and Employment Relations Division. His researched has explored: the consequences of organizational restructuring and change for employee development and working practices; trade unions and vocational education and training; and, labour-management co-operation and the ‘modernization’ of employment relations. He has recently completed two major externally funded projects. The first involved the co-ordination of a four year, seven country study, funded by the European Union, investigating new learning strategies and partnerships as a response to the restructuring of the European steel and metal sectors. The second study, three-year study, funded by the UK Department for Trade and Industry (DTI), examined the sustainability of good employment relations in the UK Insurance sector. Mark has recently been commissioned by the DTI to lead a three year evaluation of its Trade Union Modernization Fund.

While at Cornell, Mark will conduct research on the US Trade Adjustment Assistance Act. This work will contribute to a project funded by the European Parliament assessing the benefits of a European Globalization Adjustment Fund. He will also be investigating the impact of new union initiatives with regard learning in the UK.  He has published widely in journals such as the British Journal of Industrial Relations, Industrial Relations Journal, International Journal of Human Resource Management and Work, Employment and Society, and is the co-editor of Partnership and the Modernization of Employment Relations (2005, Routledge).

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Mark will be at Cornell through January, 2007.

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- Mark Stuart, United Kingdom

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