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Marine Perrin, Graduate Exchange Student


Marine PerrinMy name is Marine, I’m 22 years old and I’m French. I’m attending Cornell as an exchange student for the fall semester 2007. I’m studying Industrial and Labor Relations as a graduate student (1st year of master) in the ILR School. I come from ESCP-EAP, European School of Management, a Top French Business School located in Paris.

One of the requirements of my program at school was to go abroad for six months. So, I decided to apply to Cornell for four main reasons. I wanted to speak and improve my English skills. It is the primary language of business and I will need it everywhere I will be and whatever I will do. The second reason was my personal experience: I wanted to see, live and study on an American campus. I choose Cornell because of ILR: we do not have an ILR type of school concentration in France. Though I do not really know yet what I would like to do when I graduate, I know that with ILR I will have the best background to understand and manage what is the most important in a company: the workforce. And eventually, the last reason is obvious: Cornell is one of the best universities in the United States or maybe in the world!

I have been here for only a few months but I’m really enjoying it. I met so many people from so many different countries and cultures, I learn so much in classes, I have almost given up all my clichés!!! I’m sure I will not want to leave in December!

- Marine Perrin

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