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MJ Tueros, MILR '10

MJ TuerosMJ Tueros, MILR '10, is the first ILR student to pursue the new Dual Degree between ILR School and European School of Management (ESCP-EAP). This past Summer MJ headed to the Paris campus early to study the language and to begin an internship with IBM France. He had just won an award from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) to sponsor an HR internship. MJ talks about his experience, the SHRM award, applying to the ESCP-EAP program, and why he chose the HR field. The photo is MJ in his office overlooking Paris!

Summer internship experience at IBM, Paris, France

This summer I interned for IBM (in Paris, France) where I was selected to work on the Pan-European HR Corporate Development team. My truly international team is part of Global Human Resource Corporate Development and we work on Acquisitions and Divestitures across all business units supporting the Corporate Development function. Our mission is to ensure that all people-related aspects of an Acquisition or Divestiture are smoothly handled from an HR perspective, in support of the business objectives, from the pre-decision planning phase through to the integration of employees into their new environment. Some of my activities included, but not limited to, supporting the Pan European HR Corporate Development project based activities, coordinating the multi-country documentation requirements of various deals, supporting specific transaction projects throughout the integration process, coordinating IR requirements (including compliance with the ARD and local consultations), and independently manage a subset of the project work at the Pan-European level.

Unfortunately I am not legally able to discuss my ongoing projects in detail (as I'm under an NDA) but I can say that my experience at IBM has proven to me the importance of understanding and being capable of managing complex HR issues (i.e. local government requirements) outside of the USA. Before my internship, I understood that the European market had extremely different labor relations laws & regulations but what I learned over the course of this summer was that there is a specialized learning curve between having knowledge of a country and knowing how to effectively manage large-scale HR operations. Now I feel that I have gained new skills and knowledge that I will be able to translate and leverage into future HR roles/projects.

Dual Degree Program with ESCP-EAP

After this summer, I will begin pursuing a second Masters degree at ESCP-EAP (Paris, France). This is part of a new dual-degree program between Cornell University's ILR School and ESCP-EAP (one of the top business schools in Europe). I will be finishing the Masters in Management (with a specialization in International Business Management) in May, 2009. I will then have one more summer internship experience before I return to Ithaca, NY and complete my last semester at Cornell. After completing this 3-year program, I believe the combination of these two incredible Masters curriculum will fully prepare me an international career in organizational development and change management, which are the HR specializations I wish to focus on.

A masters degree in international management at ESCP-EAP will provide me with significant business acumen, which in combination with the MILR degree from Cornell University will equip me with an invaluable skill set for my future career in HR. I hope to attain a position where my HR and business knowledge can be utilized in an effort to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function, as well as align business and HR procedures for organizational success. My ideal position would involve developing and implementing new HR initiatives that enable and support employee, department, and organizational success. I aim to hold multiple roles, deepening my knowledge and experience in a variety of HR functions, which are becoming increasingly global in nature.

Why HR?

I chose to study HR because I was interested in learning how to structure work processes and policies, with the goal to motivate employees and improve the performance and efficiency of a company. My graduate studies at Cornell University have only furthered my passion in this field, and deepened my interest in the many facets of HR. Today, both organizational development and change management have become the specializations on which I wish to focus. A career in HR would allow me to pursue these varied interests, while positively impacting an organization through strategic initiatives.

In today's problematic and changing economy, there is an immediate need to incorporate strong HR practices to maintain profitability and ensure organizational success. For example, last summer during my internship at Electronic Arts, Inc. I worked on the company's global reorganization and witnessed first-hand the impact that world-class HR practices can have on the success of an organization’s restructuring. The reorganization of EA transitioned a formerly vertically integrated organization into a globally integrated corporation. My work at EA included creating a future leadership program and reevaluating the succession plan for executive management. This only reaffirmed my commitment and interest in this field, providing me with the experience and skills necessary to continue my career pursuits in HR.  

SHRM Sponsors Funding for HR Internships

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Board of Directors recently announced the availability of funding to support HR internships. Students studying HR at the undergraduate or graduate level are invited to apply and compete for funding to help support themselves during a summer or fall 2008 HR internship. This financial support underscores SHRM's commitment to the next generation of HR professionals by providing an opportunity for students to take advantage of internship opportunities that will help them prepare for their career. Eight sponsorships of $5,000 each will be awarded in each of SHRM's five geographic regions. A total of 40 awards and $200,000 will be distributed.

Brief background info on SHRM  

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world's largest association devoted to human resource management. Representing more than 225,000 members in over 130 countries, the Society serves the needs of HR professionals and advances the interests of the HR profession. Founded in 1948, SHRM has more than 575 affiliated chapters within the United States and subsidiary offices in China and India.

- MJ Tueros, MILR '10

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