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Jun Ebina, ILR MPS '05

Jun EbinaI graduated from the MPS program in May of 2005 with a concentration in Human Resources. My thesis explored the current debate on centralization versus decentralization of HR. It was a topic that I was very keen to explore and with the help of the my advisors I was able to able to really broaden my comprehension of this issue and come up with solutions to resolve this apparent conflict that a lot of companies face as they expand globally.

My time at the ILR School at Cornell was memorable to say the least. It was definitely one of the best learning experiences in my career. The school has a number of distinctive strengths that has made it truly the best Industrial & Labor Relations School not just in the US but on a global level too. A unique aspect about the teaching methodology and coursework at ILR is the emphasis on group work. Needless to say I was involved in a lot of group work throughout my time at ILR. An interesting feature about these groups was that they always consisted of members from at least three or more different countries. This is reflection of the diversity amongst the students at ILR. At least 35% of the class consisted of International students.

My interactions were not just limited to the students at ILR, I was also able to meet and work with the students from the Hotel School and the MBA School. I believe that these experiences were valuable as they exposed me to multiple perspectives and I was able to observe some very strong characteristics of these students and learn from them.

One of my key learnings from my experience at ILR was in understanding differences and learning to appreciate these differences. Since we had such a diverse group of students, there was bound to variations in opinions and perspectives, but we always had to work at reaching a consensus by taking in the best out of each member’s input. Initially I was cautious in expressing my ideas too strongly but I soon learned to convey my ideas in such a setting and also respectfully disagree in case I felt something was wrong. I also became aware of what is globally accepted and what is unique to my country, Japan.

I have taken these learnings into my new role as at Sanyo Corp, Japan. My one my most important responsibilities lie in globalizing Sanyo’s management. As I build new global systems and processes that are best specific to Sanyo, I try and pay attention to the context in Sanyo’s businesses & management in the other regions across the globe before finalizing a process. And while I do this, I always think of similar situations where I was forced to think beyond what was familiar and known to me. I try to enhance the quality of my decision making on the basis of these experiences that I had at ILR and believe that they highly contribute towards my achievements.

- Jun Ebina

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