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Josh Jacobs, '06

Intern, Dublin Foundation

Josh Jacobs 

The ILR Credit Internship Program, directed by Professor Clete Daniel, has named ILR junior Josh Jacobs as the first student to intern at the Dublin Foundation under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding with the ILR School.  Here Josh offers a brief summary of his work as he begins his internship this semester.

"I am creating a European Union (EU) level response to the question posted to the national centers in June 2004 regarding the prevalence of Undeclared work in the EU. Undeclared work is defined as anything that would be legal work if it were declared but that is considered a type of tax evasion when the employment is not declared to national authorities.  Undeclared work creates problems of reducing national tax bases and forcing others in society to pay an increased tax to make up for the difference; it undermines the language of existing collective agreements; it lowers wage rates in relevant industries; it creates unfair competition for employers; and, workers usually do not have the safe working conditions and benefits that declared workers would have.  Undeclared work represents between 13%-20% of the combined GDP of the EU-25 plus Norway, Bulgaria, and Romania.

I am also taking a class on managing employee relations at University College Dublin.  The class focuses on Ireland because that is where we are so its outlook is different than an HR or Industrial Relations course in the U.S.

- Josh Jacobs

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