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Jim Kitay, Australia

Jim Kitay

Jim Kitay is Chair of the Work & Organisational Studies discipline in the School of Business at the University of Sydney. He teaches courses in human resource development and the sociology of work (curriculum vitae pdf). He is visiting from September 6-September 23, 2005.

Jim’s main research interest while at Cornell is the Globalization and Employment Relations in Autos and Banking project, of which he is co-coordinator with Harry Katz and Russell Lansbury. This study involves researchers in nine countries (Australia, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Sweden) examining the causes and consequences of change and stability in industrial relations and human resource management practices in the automobile assembly and retail banking industries since the mid-1990s. It seeks to update and expand upon the findings in After Lean Production: evolving employment practices in the world auto industry (Kochan, Lansbury & MacDuffie) and From Tellers to Sellers: changing employment relations in banks (Regini, Kitay & Baethge).

Jim’s other current research projects include:

  • A study of the activities, careers and influence of management consultants;
  • A study of the development of critical analysis skills among postgraduate students in HRM courses;
  • A study of the transfer of learning among university academics undertaking teacher training courses, seeking to understand the extent to which training affects the understanding and practice of teaching in higher education.

- Jim Kitay

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