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Eul-Teo Lee, South Korea

Studying and enjoyment!

Eul-Teo Lee

I have been in Ithaca as a visiting fellow since September 2004.  During my time at Cornell I have acquired a lot of knowledge through the help of ILR professors, other visiting fellows, as well as Dean Harry Katz, who is my adviser. I took several classes related to strategic HRM and industrial relations.  I was interested in micro level HRM subjects before I came here. Now I am studying macro level HRM, which is a main trend in HRM research. Moreover, I presented a paper that I wrote related to SHRM based on knowledge after taking a SHRM class at ILR. ILR is the best place to study because there are many books in Catherwood Library, kind staff who support visiting fellows, and ILR professors who willingly discuss issues. Thanks to the support of the ILR School, I am exploring several different research topics.  Ithaca also offers many opportunities for personal enjoyment.  Ithaca has many gorgeous waterfalls, parks, and nice weather, at least part of the time.  I have been to Buttermilk Falls and Stewart Park on the weekend.  Upstate New York is also very accessible from Ithaca, so that I have been to Buffalo to see Niagara Falls and to Nyack to see General Electric’s Crotonville Leadership Center—a trip I was invited to make with an ILR graduate class.

I have made many friends who are from China, France, Israel, Germany, Turkey as well as the U.S. and Korea since I came here. Whenever I meet them I am very excited because we talk about different cultural values, practices, national systems, foods, as well as academic subjects.

Understanding English is also a great pleasure. It is not easy for me to understand what people say in English, but I have gradually learned to understand.

Unfortunately I can’t study and enjoy Ithaca after this summer as I have to go back to South Korea in August. I will leave here with unforgettable memories of ILR, Cornell, and Ithaca. I only wish that I have a chance to come here again.

Eul-Teo Lee is a Lecturer of Human Resource Studies at Korea University (Seoul, South Korea). He received his Ph.D at Korea University in August, 2004. His dissertation developed and tested criterion-related validity the evaluating model of knowledge activities of IT technician in terms of Kant epistemology. He published a book and several articles on HRM, Industrial Relations and Knowledge Management. His current working papers attempt to identify the relationship between HRM and firm performance, Industrial Relations and HRM in Korea since 1987, and to develop Korean style of Knowledge Management in terms of cultural psychology (curriculum vitae pdf).

- Eul-Teo Lee

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