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Eon-a Kim, Korea

Eon-a KimI am a senior researcher at the Employment Development Institute in Korea. My institute is a specialized R&D center for establishing disability employment policy and improving employment services for people with disabilities. It is also affiliated to Korea Employment Promotion Agency for the Disabled (KEPAD) under the control of Department of Labor.

My major purpose of this visit is to study and collect information about social security and employment system for people with disabilities in the U.S. They can include policy, service, program, etc. Those systems are very crucial for including people with disabilities as a major workforce and fulfilling their quality of life. Korea is at the phase of upgrading its structure, and needs to benchmark U.S disability system. Last year(2006), I conducted annual research entitled, "Determining the target of the Quota system-Problem of Vocational Ability Criteria," which dealt with benefit/work inducing system in Korea and disability determination process. I felt it had to be refined to get more valid conclusion. EDI-Cornell can help me with accumulated data and knowledge.

My second topic is about transition of youth with disabilities. My dissertation thesis is “Effects of self-determination on the transition outcomes and the career decision of special-class students with disabilities in regular high-schools”. Actually I am interested in the psycho-social factors in youth with disabilities, but as one of policy-makers, I want to explore lots of factors, variables, conditions which have substantial effects on successful transition. I hope I could be involved in EDI-Cornell’s project or related field experiences.

Though I am a very short-term visiting fellow, I wish I can meet many people and this would be an important landmark for my life.

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Faculty Sponsor: Susanne M. Bruyère

- Eon-a Kim, Korea

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