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Dina Gabriel, MILR '07

Dina Gabriel MILR '07Recent MILR ‘07 alumna, Dina Gabriel, talks about her first impressions of working at HP‘s headquarters in Beijing, China as part of HP’s HR Management Associate Program. While in Beijing, Dina met with ILR Ph.D alumna Jian Han who is currently a Professor of Human Resources at the Business School at Peking University. Over a traditional Chinese lunch they exchanged ILR stories and fond memories. “The ILR network is priceless and without boundaries. I greatly valued the chance to meet and discuss human resources with a fellow ILR alum. Particularly Jian who has a great perspective on the field. It also helped that we shared the same advisor at ILR!” said Dina.

AS: Can you tell us about your current job? 
DG: After graduating from MILR program in May 2007 I started working for Hewlett Packard (HP). I took a small risk and joined their first class of the HR Management Associate Program (HR MAP) along with 10 other co-horts from around the world. HR MAP is an eighteen month HR leadership development program that consists of three rotations, each six months long. One of the highlights of this program is that it includes an international role outside of one's home region, which is how I got the wonderful opportunity to come to Beijing. HR MAP is certainly a global program, and I’ll make a quick plug that we enthusiastically recruit at the ILR school for our US full-time and internship candidates.

AS: I understand that you were welcomed to China by Jian Han, also an ILR alumna. Can you tell us more about your
Dina Gabriel (left) and Jian Han (right)meeting with Jian?
I contacted Professor Kuruvilla when I was coming to Beijing and he put me in contact with Jian, his former Master’s student. Jian is currently professor at Peking University business school, the 'Harvard' of China if I may. We met for a lunch and discussed HR practices in China, HR education in China and she gave me a tour of their beautiful campus. I had great time.

AS: Tell us more about your international rotation with HP in Beijing, China.
DG: Let me start at the very beginning, my first rotation was in compensation at the HP’s headquarters in Palo Alto where I worked with the leader of Compensation and Benefits for HP. For my international rotation here in Beijing I am working with HP’s Technology Solutions Group (TSG) and part of the Greater China HR team. HP China is in rapid growth mode and I will be engaged in project management roles working on some key HR transformation initiatives.

AS: Can you talk about your time at ILR? From an alum perspective do you have some advice for MILRs currently in the program?
Dina Gabriel, MILR '07DG: The MILR program was a great experience academically, professionally and personally. In addition to coursework, in my second year at ILR I worked as the Graduate Research Assistant with ILR International Programs which gave me a perspective on what the ILR community is doing around the world. I concentrated in both Human Resources and Organizations and International Comparative Labor and had valuable work experience with GE and Cisco. I am so glad I got the chance to take Professor Kuruvilla’s 'Labor Relations in Asia' course and classes like ‘HR in the EU’ taught by John Haggerty and Professor Pat Wright to get a perspective of practicing HR in different parts of the world.

AS: How do you like Beijing so far?Beijing, China
DG: Well I am planning to stay in Beijing until the Olympic Games as I would never think of leaving before then! Beijing is a HUGE City, flat as a pancake, many many people (approx. 14 million!). Needless to say there are lots of things to see, do and learn being in this working environment. It is fascinating from both professional and personal perspective. Other HR MAPers will go to places like Brazil, Geneva, Mexico, and Sydney for their rotations. I hope to come back to the Bay Area in August with a better perspective of what it is like to work and live in an emerging market. Another bonus would be knowing conversational Mandarin. So wish me luck!

- Ana Stojanovic, MILR '09

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