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Denise Gelberg, ILR BS '72, PhD '93


Denise Gelberg, ILR BS '72, PhD '93My research focuses on the influential role of business in school reform efforts over the last hundred years. The goal of business has been to create a workforce for its needs. As its workforce needs have changed over time the business community has changed what it expects the schools to "produce." I have generally been a critic of this effort because it ignores many competing goals for the education of our youngsters.

This year I would like to explore what I feel might be a more legitimate—as well as efficacious—role for business to play in education. There is a significant body of research which indicates that the greatest predictor of school success is a child's family. When families are beset by stressors, children's academic achievement falters. Business has many tools available to help families. The most powerful tool in its arsenal is providing family friendly employment to parents/guardians. Rhetoric aside, what does that look like? And can a connection be made to the school success of children of these employees?

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ILR Faculty Sponsor: Harry Katz
ILR Visit: September 2006 through August 2007

- Denise Gelberg

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