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Béatrice Collin


Beatrice CollinBéatrice Collin is Professor of International Strategy and Management at the European School of Management (ESCP-EAP), Paris. (ESCP-EAP is a global partner of the ILR School.) She also lectures in the master program at the University of Paris II.

Her research focuses on management processes in international groups, specifically on cultural diversity as a competitive advantage for companies going global. Globalization brings about increased diversity in the thinking and expectations of partners, clients, and managers so it is increasingly difficult to apply a single and global management model to organizations with such varied value systems and behaviors. Globalization now demands that every international company be willing to face the complexity of integrating distinct value and thought systems.

When studying the internationalization process of numerous European companies, Béatrice has been able to point out to firms that to be successful they not only acknowledge growing diversity but integrate these differences into their own identity. Integrating such varied differences is essential to dealing with new realities as companies learn to manage a diverse organization with relevance and effectiveness. The organization forges new links within, which will grow and interchange. It implements sharing processes: skills, knowledge, national and managerial cultures. By doing so it enables processes of joint construction between itself and others to emerge, as well as the setting up of joint mechanisms for projects, activities, tools and decisions.

Consequently, these companies can better succeed in dealing with a key issue in international business, i.e. the ability to reconcile the need to adapt to local needs while maintaining global efficiency. In this way new management practices emerge which are worth studying because they involve profound changes for organizations going in this direction; it also raises the question of the managers' ability to operate easily in the new organizational system, to manage diversity in a relevant and effective way, to acknowledge and accept 'otherness', to share knowledge and culture and, above all, in the face of new forms of expression of power, to lead appropriately.

Strategic management practices in European companies could therefore be considered as interesting examples to study because they have had to experiment for a long time with diversity management and the integration of otherness, an issue essential for any company which, regardless of its country of origin, chooses to go international today. Béatrice has worked with companies from various industries on this issue, including Arcelor-Mittal (Steel), L’Oreal (Cosmetics), Credit Agricole (Banking), Carrefour (Retailing) as well as medium-sized companies which have successfully conducted worldwide development in the last decade.

For the last years, Béatrice has designed and developed executive education seminars for European companies willing to prepare their future leaders to manage successfully and efficiently in their global and culturally diversified organizations.

Béatrice's educational background is in management, political sciences and international economics. In 1989-1990 she was a Ph.D. research fellow at Cornell, a position jointly held at the Johnson School and in the department of economics.

Béatrice is a member and a reviewer of the Academy of Management. In 2003 she was recognized “BPS Division Outstanding Reviewer” and appointed as Session Chairperson at the annual Conference in 2005. She is also a member of EIASM (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management) and a founding Member of EURAM (European Academy of Management).

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ILR visit through June, 2007

- Béatrice Collin

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