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Arild Johnsen, Norway

Arild JohnsenArild Johnsen is a researcher at SINTEF Health Care Research in Trondheim, Norway. His field of research is organizational theory, specializing in change processes in the health care sector. Johnsen is currently working on his Ph.D. which looks at work related sick-leave among nurses and cleaning staff at three different Norwegian university hospitals. His research explores interventive organizational change processes based on a participative intervention strategy in order to reduce work related sick leave. Key themes are: empowerment and local theory. His dissertation deals with the following four issues:

  • Researcher involvement in actual work situations in order to enhance learning processes
  • Dealing with embodied experiences of pain, in order to enable these experiences to be integrated into the change process
  • Using dialogue arenas as reflective vortexes in change processes
  • Understanding ethical standards in relation to empowerment

Arild is visiting ILR through June 2007. His faculty sponsor is Professor Tove Hammer. Comments and reflections regarding Ph.D. related issues are welcomed.

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- Arild Johnsen, Norway

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