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Andrea Broughton

United Kingdom

Andrea BroughtonI am a Principal Research Fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies in Brighton, United Kingdom. Before that, I spent 10 years as editor of European Industrial Relations Review, published by Industrial Relations Services (IRS). I also managed the IRS team that functioned as the EU-level national centre for the European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO), run by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, based in Dublin.

During my stay at Cornell, I will be conducting research into employment relations in symphony orchestra musicians, building on some comparative work between the UK and Germany that I undertook around five years ago. I am particularly interested in looking at the fact that professional musicians' lives afford them little scope for autonomous thinking and creativity, despite the fact that they are highly skilled workers who have undergone several years of intense training. I am also interested in issues around job expectations, which tend to be high at the beginning of a musician's career, and the actual reality, which may not be all that was hoped for in many cases.

To this end, I will be meeting with a range of musicians and their representatives while I am in Cornell, asking about issues related to job satisfaction. I am eventually hoping to be able to make a comparison between the USA and the UK.

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Faculty Sponsor: Rebecca Givan
ILR Visit: Andrea will be here through October, 2006

- Andrea Broughton

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