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Adriana Marshall, Argentina

Adriana Marshall, Visiting FellowAdriana Marshall (Ph.D., Netherlands School of Economics) is Senior Researcher at the National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET), President of the Instituto de Desarrollo Económico y Social in Buenos Aires, and Director of its International Socio-Economic Studies Program (curriculum vitae pdf). Earlier, she was Researcher at the Netherlands School of Economics; Professor at the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) in Buenos Aires; and Senior Research Officer at the International Institute for Labour Studies (International Labour Organization, Geneva).


Dr. Marshall is the author of several books, including The Import of Labour -The Case of the Netherlands (Rotterdam: Rotterdam University Press, 1973); El Mercado de Trabajo en el Capitalismo Periférico - el caso de Argentina [The Labor Market in Peripheral Capitalism: The Argentine Case] (México: El Colegio de México, 1981); Políticas Sociales: el Modelo Neoliberal [Social Policies: The Neoliberal Model] (Buenos Aires: Legasa, 1988); and Circumventing Labour Protection - Non Standard Employment in Argentina and Peru (Geneva: International Institute for Labour Studies, 1992). She has also published extensively in Argentinean and international journals.


Marshall is specialized in the interdisciplinary and comparative study of labor markets, and labor and social policies. Currently, her research interests are focused in collective bargaining and unionization, and while at the ILR in September-November 2005 she will be starting comparative research on unionization in Argentina, Chile and Mexico. She will visit ILR September 15 through December 1, 2005. Her faculty sponsor is Professor Maria Cook.

- Adriana Marshall

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