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March 31 2006

New SCOLA web-streaming services available to Cornell community members

Members of the Cornell University community can now get a password to free access of SCOLA's new web-streaming services that include such highlights as all-Chinese programming and U.S. government broadcasts from selected international hot spots.

SCOLA is a nonprofit organization that rebroadcasts news and cultural programming from many foreign countries.

The SCOLA streaming service allows two kinds of desktop access to all four of SCOLA's channels and is Macintosh and PC compatible. The service also provides access to a one-week rolling archive of all four channels, generally in the form of downloadable half-hour digital files.

Many people are familiar with Channel 1 of SCOLA, which is available to the general public on local Time Warner Cable. Cornell students, faculty and staff can obtain access via password to SCOLA Channels 2, 3 and 4, which offer a broader range of programming, such as all Chinese programming on Channel 3 and U.S. government broadcasts on Channel 4.

Any Cornell community member wishing to use the service should send a blank e-mail to Dick Feldman, director of Cornell's Language Resource Center, at <>, with the subject "SCOLA Password." Feldman will reply with the password and instructions on how to access SCOLA services