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February 20 2007

A Letter From ILR Dean Harry C. Katz

Dean KatzKenya, Chile, India, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, China, Spain …these are just a few of the places where today’s ILR students are applying their classroom learning. Interest among our students to study the global workplace through hands-on experience is growing exponentially! ILR students are getting involved around the world in volunteer work, field research, and internships. 

It is my ardent hope that all students be afforded an international experience before graduation, part of a necessary foundation for leading in a global economy.

Natalie Alvaros in Chili With thanks to a robust ILR alumni network, faculty advocates, and student initiative, new opportunities are opening each semester. Students are involved in projects related to social justice, literacy, migration, workers’ human rights, and child labor to name a few. The results, in terms of enriching students’ global perspectives, are palpable. Students are learning to appreciate new cultures, languages, norms, viewpoints, even food. All important to better understanding and working in a transnational workplace.

TanzaniaStill, at a time when more students are looking for ways to integrate an international experience into their ILR education, it’s important to recognize that not all students will have equal access to one. Cost being the key hurdle. To assist students, our International Programs committee has created a small fund to which students can apply by developing a proposal that has the support of their faculty advisor. In just two years, these international experience grants have helped eleven students travel to as many countries. Students report back and those summaries are shared via the international website.

Our hope is to grow this fund so that many more students can benefit from an ILR-related international experience as they prepare for life after graduation.

Harry C. Katz
Dean and Jack Sheinkman Professor
ILR School


Note from ILR International Programs: If you would like to make a gift to support international experience travel for ILR students, please visit the alumni and friends page and designate 'other'. Thank you.