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November 3 2011

Kevin Johnson, BSILR '13

Berlin 1Thanks to the ILR International Travel Grant Program I was able to spend the summer in Berlin. As an ILR major and a German Studies minor, my internship and living in Berlin allowed me to combine my two biggest passions. This summer I was able to explore the world of work by working side by side with people that were working to build a great product. The internship allowed me to use to apply what I had learned in the classroom in a practical way.

GetYourGuide is a Swiss start up that has experienced rapid growth in the past year. GetYourGuide focuses on aggregating tours and tour providers on its website. Consumers are able to book any one of thousands of tours on the website.

It was exciting to work with GetYourGuide because of its flat hierarchy and because interns are encouraged to jump in right away and help out with projects. My main project during my stay was to lead a marketing campaign titled “Travel Photo Contest 2011.”  Before undertaking this project I did not realize the time and effort that is spent on marketing campaigns, especially those on the web. Some of the projects I worked on while coordinating the contest were acquiring sponsors/partners, working on texts with our SEO specialist, and creating reach for the contest. There were minor stumbling blocks at the beginning, but like any successful business we were able to learn and then adapt. The contest turned out to be quite a success.Berlin 2

It was not just all work and no play this summer. After work I explored Berlin and spoke German with the locals. I made an amazing group of friends that were studying German at the Goethe Institute in Berlin and thus I was able to practice my German even more than I expected. Some of the famous sites that I was able to visit this summer are the T.V tower, the Brandenburg Gate, and one of the few remaining chunks of the Berlin Wall. I also lived less than a ten minute walk from Checkpoint Charlie. I am a big history buff and it was fascinating to be surrounded by so much history. The city has rebounded so much since the fall of the wall. I hope to visit again soon.

I could not have had a better summer and this is all thanks to the ILR Travel Grant Program. This internship and my stay in Berlin solidified what I am looking to do after Cornell. It provided me the opportunity to explore the world of work and to live in a different culture. I cannot wait to visit Berlin again and I hope to one day live there.