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Juan Ramón Rivera Sánchez, Spain

Juan SanchezJuan Ramón Rivera Sánchez is a professor of Labor Law and Social Security at the Faculty of Law, University of Alicante, Spain. He has a Ph.D in Law and has served as the Director for Industrial and Labor Relations at the university. 

Juan's research interests focus on Collective Bargaining and the Courts. His major publications include:

  • Relationship between the country's rules and collective bargaining
  • Part time contracts and the extension of the working day institutions
  • Development of the welfare state for "irregular" workers in Spain and the EU Social Security law.

During his visit at the ILR School, Juan will research employment policies in the US and EU member states during periods of economic crises. Particular emphasis will be given to changes in part-time contract rules. Juan will also conduct research on the Spanish Commission's recommendations for a financial service sector remuneration policy and its effect on Spanish labor law.  

Curriculum vitae (pdf)
Visiting Period: 09-10 academic year
Faculty Sponsor: Lance Compa
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- Juan Ramón Rivera Sánchez, Spain