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June 9 2006

Message from the Chair, International Programs

Sarosh KuruvillaWith Harry Katz as our new Dean, ILR has entered a new phase in the internationalization of the school. One of Dean Katz's priorities is to increase the opportunities for our students to have an international experience, via study abroad, summer and winter internships and through courses that have a travel component.

More ILR undergraduates are pursuing international credit internships—10 this semester at the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva, and others in Bangalore, Bangkok, Beijing, Dublin, Kyrgyzstan, and Madrid. With our new international travel grants program, we have helped our undergraduate and graduate students to travel to several other countries (Argentina, Chile, China, France, Germany, Korea, Spain, and Tanzania) to do their senior thesis or doctoral theses.

Further, ILR is expanding the ranks of its international faculty. There is a search underway for a China scholar. The composition of our MILR class has changed significantly; nearly half the students are from other countries. And the international research of our faculty has grown substantially with projects ongoing around the world.

A crucial part of the school’s internationalization efforts center around re-connecting with our distinguished pool of international alumni. International alumni can play a critical role in helping the ILR School become a truly global institution, providing a global education to the next generation of students. We hope that all of you will become more engaged with the school and its activities. We are reaching out to you through a quarterly web-based newsletter (this is our inaugural issue) to keep you abreast of the schools international activities. We hope this newsletter will be a mechanism through which we can re-connect, and to help identify ways in which you can engage with the school. And, do not be surprised if you see an ILR faculty member in your neck of the woods in the near future.


Sarosh Kuruvilla
Chair, ILR International Programs