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October 18 2007

Earn a Dual Degree: European MBA and MILR

Interested in earning a European MBA before graduating from ILR?

Info Session for First-Year MILRs: 

October 18th, 5:00pm in Ives 215

The ILR School and the European School of Management (ESCP-EAP) are developing a dual degree program that offers masters level students from both universities the chance to earn a degree from the other. 
ESCP-EAP is one of Europe’s top business schools—its Master in Management program is ranked number 3 in Europe. With campuses in Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin and Turin, the program is integrated across countries to ensure seamless delivery of courses for students choosing international or multilingual study tracks.

Students must meet the requirements of both schools and would only be awarded the degree of the partner institution after completing all of their home school requirements. Both degrees will normally be earned in 3 years (MILR students will spend your first year in Ithaca, the second year in Europe, and return to Ithaca for your final year). Those enrolled in the one year MILR program will spend the second year in Europe.

We anticipate the first ILR students to begin studies in Paris in Fall 2008. First-year MILRs are eligible, those interested are encouraged to attend the information session on Oct 18. Several students have taken advantage of an exchange program already in place.  
Contact: Ahilya Patkar, Graduate RA for ILR International Programs

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